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        Lennie Furlough is returning to lead the Jarvis & St. James Upward Basketball League in Season#10. He was the original League Director for Season# 1-4 plus #9 and coached / refereed in Seasons 7,8,&9. He helped our interim directors during Season# 5 - 8 with Coaching assignments and Team drafts. In addition, he is the full time Programs Director for the REFUGE Christian camp in Snow Hill, NC and part time Youth Director at Jarvis Mermorial UMC ( previous full time Youth Director for 5 Years). A leader of enormous talents, energy, vision and dedication who has agreed to once again serve as the Upward Basketball League Director. Read More
        Dennis will celebrates eight years has the Guy behind the camera, computer and the league director known as The iPad Guy! With over 120+ iMovies posted throughout the Jarvis & St. James Upward League web site, he looks forward to another season of amazing shots both on and off the court. Dennis provides for registration, evaluations, recruiting coaching volunteers, Upward League Management system, the Web Site/Facebook pages, and all those e-mails from the early advertisements thru the end of year Upward Celebration Final video highlights - The iPad Guy .... DENNIS LEANHARDT covers everything! Read More
        The Upward Basketball task force announce Michie Faulconer has retired as the League Director from 2014-2018 (4) full seasons . Michie has been involved in the league since it's inception, serving as both a coach, referee and Director. Michie has been a faithful member of Jarvis church for many years, serving in various leadership roles. His involvement with "The Walk to Emmaus" program served as a catalyst in furthering his Christian walk. The program considers the model of Christ's servanthood and encourages us to act in ways appropriate to being "a servant to all" by surrounding others with Agape love.. Michie will now be the Coaching Commissioner to assist the Director as needed. Please consider how you can "plug in" to help the church have a successful Upward year. Read More
        Bob has made Upward Basketball at Jarvis Memorial an unforgettable experience with his high energy announcing at the beginning of every Game. Ok, Basketball Fans, let's get ready "IT'S SHOWTIME!" An awesome Guy and truly the VOICE of UPWARD BASKETBALL ... BOB MILAM! Bob has been announcing at Upward games for a very, very long time and is often joint by his wife Alicia Milan at the scorers table where they keep the program running like Clockwork! Read More
        Wayne has been a remarkable apprentice ANNOUNCER for 3 years stepping up in relief of Bob (The Voice) Milan on many occasions. In 2019-2020 season Wayne achieved equal presence by splitting the announcers duties and has earned the title on the SPIRIT of UPWARD. Together they has made Upward Basketball at Jarvis Memorial an unforgettable experience with their high energy announcing during every Game. Ok, Basketball Fans, let's get ready "IT'S SHOWTIME!" Another awesome Guy and truly the SPIRIT of UPWARD BASKETBALL ... WAYNE POOLE! Wayne started announcing at Upward games to relief Bob’s voice while filling other game day role as needed. Wayne has been part of the ALL-IN group in support of Upward Basketball and is often joint by his wife Karen Poole at the scorers table where they keep the program running like Clockwork! Read More
        Tom has been involved with Upward Basketball for each of the six years since St. James UMC joined Jarvis Memorial in a combined effort to advance the league. Tom can been seen doing just about anything and everything at St. James UMC when it comes to Upward. He is Mr. UPWARD at St. James covering Gamedays and Practices whether the announcer, devotion leader, referree, scorekeeper, director, administrator, etc. he is the go to GUY. In season 2017-2018, Tom was instrumental in arranging two extra Tuesday practice night time slots to accommodate the additional registration for the 5-6 Boys division that practices and plays there games at St. JAMES UMC. Tom has also serves St. James church as their Treasurer for many years. Read More
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