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Upward EOY Celebration video series

Upward EOY Celebration 2017 

The Jarvis & St. James Upward Basketball League in Greenville, NC ends each Basketball & Cheerleading season with a highly talented Christian entertainer who incorporates the Gospel message into a high energy demonstration of their God given talent.  

This year the guest was world record holder and Guinness Book of Records holder Peter Nestler ( Jump Master) and the theme "One Rope, One Wheel and One Word".

An amazing amalgamation of rope jumping, unicycling and a great message from the Word.   Parents, coaches and the children experience jump roping in a way they've never seen before!

Each child received a gift from Upward Sports at the end of their session.  Each of the two sessions last just 1 hour excluding the showing of highlight slides and iMovie trailers while everyone was being seated.

Peter Nestler jumpmaster collage

Upward EOY Celebration 2016

The celebration kicked off with the Jarvis Praise Band igniting the gym with praise followed by Jon the Methodist thanking and praying for everyone.   David Cain, the Juggler for Jesus, was our EOY Celebration Night entertainer/speaker and did a wonderful job of delivering the Gospel to over 1000 people.  David presents the gospel in an exciting and memorable way as he not only awed the crowd with his talents, but also kept them in stitches with his comedic delivery, audience participation, and spiritual lessons.  He kept all of our UPWARD players, coaches and fans excited and entertained all the way through.
Over a hundred kids in unison prayed the prayer asking Jesus to come in their life, to be their Savior and have eternal life....  "Truly an Eternal Upward Celebration".  What a blessing to be in God's presents and to serve in the Upward Basketball Ministry.

Upward Celebration 2016 collage

Upward EOY Celebration 2015

The Puppet Lady of Greenville premiered in her first ever end of season UPWARD BASKETBALL CELEBRATION with the theme "The Fight of your Life" at Jarvis Memorial UMC in Greenville, NC.  Two shows back to back with over 800 in total attendances.  Lot's of audience participation and the Gospel message in an exiting and wonderful Way!

The evening began with 7 minutes of video highlights from the amazing "Practice with the Pirates" special event earlier in the season. Followed by 40 minutes of awesome puppetry entertainment and the Gospel message and prayer by the Puppet Lady of Greenville.  The finale included a musical light show and Parade of Coaches delivering every player a basketball and every cheerleader a picture frame gift from Upward Sports.  The two Upward mascots were on-hand building the energy in the gym and excitement level of every child and adult in the Taft Christian Life Center.

Upward Celebration 2015 collage1

Upward EOY Celebration 2014

This was a very special end of season celebration, as we celebrated four wonderful growth years under our League Director and Commissioner, Lennie Furlough.  
This years end of season Upward Basketball Night Celebration and message from "Joseph Young Entertainment" was entertaining and challenged everyone to draw closer to God. 
The night was awesome and much like the season it included freezing rain/sleet.  Due to active weather warnings, the evening schedule was reduced to just the early time slot from 6-7 pm to avoid most of the bad weather.

The evening began with a 7 min. video highlighting the action during the season.  Followed by 45 minutes of action packed entertainment and a Christian message with awards, mementos and more.  Every child received their own basketball bag memento and a DVD from Upward Basketball "The Big Story".

Upward Celebration 2014 collage1

Upward EOY Celebration 2013

THANKS TO EVERYONE who made the 2013 Jarvis Memorial Upward Basketball season possible!!  With over 360 students involved, over 100 coaches leading, and countless volunteers helping; We are very pleased how God blessed this season.  The end of season Upward Basketball Night Celebration and message from "ETERNAL COLLISION" was very special.

The message took about 30 minutes and was action packed with awesome feats of strength, loud crowd pumping christian music, and a clear presentation of the gospel!  Every child left with their own basketball and a DVD from Upward Basketball "The Big Story"!

Upward Celebration Night collage

Last Published: March 18, 2017 9:28 AM
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