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Pre-Season Upward Basketball Clinic 2017

The Clinic was opened with a prayer and included a small break for devotion mid-way thru each of the two sessions.  Devotion leaders shared the virtues for the upcoming season, Courage, Patience and Kindness.  While the Trainers ended the sessions with their personal comments and witness of the 3 A's of sports: Athletics, Attitude and Academics.


Keith McLawhorn, a professional athletic trainer and his team of Basketball instructors from OUTWORK PERFORMANCE TRAINERS lead an instructional half Day ( 3 hour) Clinic with morning and afternoon sessions.  Participants learned skills they can practice at home in advance of the new season and ended with a fun filled scrimmage.


Coaches from Upward Basketball were also on-hand to pickup techniques they can use during their practices during the upcoming season.  Unlike the regular season, the CLINIC  paired the children in coed groupings where both boys and girls participated together at each of the rotational stations and scrimmages.


The objectives of Upward Sports were apparent through out the Day.  To grow:

  1. MENTALLY ( make wise decisions)
  2. ATHLETICALLY ( improve physical abilities)
  3. SPIRITUALLY  ( embrace life's purpose )
  4. SOCIALLY ( foster healthy relationships)


Parents were reminded the words "I'M PROUD OF YOU", and a hug go a long way in the mind of a young athlete.  SAY AND DO THEM OFTEN!


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Last Published: August 28, 2017 9:41 PM
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