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Coaches & Referees Application

If you measure success as a coach by WINS and LOSSES or focus your after game gathering on the outcome of a win or loss and not the important role of building the self-esteem of your players, then this League is not for you.   If you are determined to work the refs during a game to effect a better outcome for your team and/or initiate or participate in the Circle of Criticism during a game, then this League is not for you.  

Upward Basketball is designed to be a competitive and fun environment for kids, and the coach is primarily responsible for this at practices and games. It is up to the coach to equip players with the athletic skills they are pursuing and to be an ambassador for sportsmanship and character on and off the court.    Controling the game is the responsibility of the Upward referees that represent the highest level of authority on the court. Through this authority, it is important to make the necessary calls throughout the game. Coaches spend time at practice teaching the rules, fouls and violations to their players, on game day, it is your job to support that by enforcing the rules and holding players accountable.  

Lead by Example ... It is important that Coaches and Referees are role models on the court. You should demonstrate a Christ-like attitude through your coaching and officiating and through the encouragement of players. Provide positive comments to players during and after the game for their play, effort and sportsmanship.

The success of an Upward coach is not based on wins and losses. The success of a Upward coach is characterized by how he or she conveys Christ in actions and attitudes on and off the court as well as how he or she teaches and encourages within the sport of basketball. That is the Upward Experience. The Upward Experience is where solid ministry components and great sport instruction meet.

There is no better way to share the love of Jesus Christ than by volunteering to coach. We are inspired and encouraged everyday by the efforts of our volunteers. Know that you are making an incredible positive impact on the players and families you are serving. You are serving as a valuable role model and helping players develop into total athletes.

No, you don't have to be an expert at the sport. Our staff will provide all the Training Resources and support you need. If you are interested in coaching, the time commitment is about two hours per week through the season and about two hours prior to the season for our pre-season training.  Referees are asked to referee 1-2 hours of a Saturday game and also attend the mandatory pre-Season training.

With a few hours a week you can make a huge difference in many lives. Some of the responsibilities of a coach are:

  1. Share the love of Jesus Christ with each player. You may provide the only opportunity for children to know and hear about Jesus.
  2. Recognize the “winner” in every child. Find ways to encourage and show each player that he or she is valued through Jesus Christ.
  3. Prepare for practices and games. Be prepared not only to teach skills but to look for ways to instill confidence, boost self-esteem, and share Christ with your players.
  4. Teach the fundamentals of the sport. Upward is designed to teach fundamental skills as an educational League.
  5. Know your role in the Circle of Affirmation. Remember, people care more about what you do than they do about what you say.
  6. Support the referee with positive comments. Choose to start the Circle of Affirmation found in your Coaches Playbook. Your lead will instill respect for authority and create a positive atmosphere for all who participate or watch you.
  7. Distribute Upward Stars. The multi-colored stars should be distributed at the end of each game, and the Scripture learning stars should be distributed at the end of each practice. These stars play an important role in building the self-esteem of your players. Explain why the player is receiving a particular star. Be sure to include the parents. This should be a special time for parents and players. Encourage clapping and praise!
Last Published: August 26, 2021 11:15 PM
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