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What is Upward Cheerleading?

Upward Cheerleading teaches the fundamentals of cheerleading by focusing on strong skill development and provides a safe, fun and affirming experience.  Learn chants, motions, jumps, cheers and pom routines while making new friends!  Upward Cheerleading squads are determined by age. Squads rotate the teams they cheer for throughout the season. Cheers encourage all players.


Cheerleaders (K5 - 6th grade) practice one evening each week during the 11 week season (Dec - Feb) with games on Saturdays ( during Jan - Feb).  Practice night and time are fixed while game times vary each Saturday depending on schedule.


Cheerleading Practices 

Practice Breakdown 

  1. Welcome and games (5 minutes): Start your practice with a fun game to welcome all cheerleaders and get them excited.
  2. Warm up and stretch (10 minutes): Warm up and stretch muscles by using the unique warm-up chart found in the coach cheerbook and Coach Sidelines.
  3. Fundamentals (10 minutes): Review learned skills and teach new ones each week.
  4. Mid-practice huddle - Devotions (8 minutes): Share the practice-specific devotion for each week.
  5. New material (20 minutes): Introduce new cheers, chants, pom routines or halftime routines.
  6. Post-practice huddle (5 minutes): Distribute practice stars and practice cards. Make any necessary announcements. 


Game Day 

Game day for Upward Cheerleaders is an exciting time. They have learned and practiced their fundamentals and are now ready to put on their uniforms to cheer in front of all the spectators, players and coaches. As a coach, you should be ready as well. Here are a few key points to remember on game day: 

  • Cheerleading squads are Included in the pre-game prayer huddle with players, coaches and referees.
  • Cheerleaders are allowed to perform during timeouts and at halftimes. Games consist of six six-minute segments with an eight-minute halftime period. The clock stops briefly at the end of each segment. This can be a great time for cheerleaders to do a quick chant, a cheer or a jump.
  • Cheerleaders need to be alert to the action on the court to protect themselves from an out-of-bounds ball or player.
  • Cheerleaders will be standing on the sidelines during games, instruct them to place their poms on the ground as a marker for their position in the lineup.
  • We have only one cheerleading squad per hour when two games are being played, and cheerleaders rotate between courts at halftime and every six-minute segment. This allows your cheerleaders to cheer for all teams on the court. 
Last Published: July 19, 2018 10:21 PM
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