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The Upward League Manager (ULM) shows an athletic and an evaluation score.  So what’s the difference and where are these scores used?   Teams are drafted to be as evenly matched as possible. This is so no one team can dominate league play. Teams are drafted by the Upward League Manager (ULM ON-LINE); a computer-generated drafting system. The ULM uses the scores taken at evaluation time and information on grade, experience and height to draft teams.


The evaluation score is the composite of the six evaluation scores and the athletic score is the evaluation score plus grade and experience.  PLAYERS GET 1 POINT ADDED FOR EACH YEAR OF EXPERIENCE & 1 POINT FOR EACH GRADE LEVEL.  The athletic score is the score that ULM takes into account when performing the automatic draft.


The Upward computer-generated automatic drafting 1) places children with their coaching parents, then 2) places participants according to their athletic scores taking practice night exclusions, then carpooling into account and finally 4) each sort/round of the draft the tallest player going to the team that gets the first pick and progresses from there by height.  That means if there are four teams in a division, the four players with the highest athletic score will be put in order of height (tallest to shortest) and assigned to teams based on the new height sub-sort.


Finally, after the computer is finished dividing the players by teams within each grade/gender division, we take out the siblings report (approx. 8-9 Pages) and re-work siblings from the same family such that their practice nights are as efficient as possible.  By exchanging a few players w/o practice night constraints but with equivalent athletic scores, heights, grade in schools, etc. , we are able to improve on the draft results by meeting more carpool request and getting siblings on the same practice night for an improved experience for our Upward Families.


Every year after rosters are e-mailed out, we have some requests that we were not able to honor as we put together the teams. This year will be no different. With approximately 400 participants and more than 400 requests it is nearly impossible to give everyone everything they want. We can only make things happen if it doesn’t jeopardize the integrity and fairness of the league. So if you made a request that was not honored, let us know. It is likely that it was just not possible, but it could have possibly been an oversight. However, you should know that making any changes after rosters are issued requires a player/parent from another team to be willing to switch if that is the request and for the teams to remain balance by grade, experience, height and athletic scores.

Last Published: September 2, 2021 11:53 AM
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