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A series of short movies (5-7 min) that will bring back memories of the games and special events over the past 2016-2017 Season at the Jarvis Memorial & St. James Upward Basketball & Cheerleading League in Greenville, NC. Read More
In our 7th season, Jarvis Memorial & St. James Upward Basketball League served close to 400 boys and girls with the help of over 150 community coaches, referees and church volunteers. Coaches discussed the virtues of SERVICE, CONTENTMENT and HOPE during the practice devotions this year with the children. Volunteers are putting their faith into action by SERVING as a coaches, referee, etc. on Saturdays. Our CONTENTMENT got us through weather cancelations on Week#1 and we have HOPE the rest of the season will finish strong. Read More
In its 6th year, our two churches are serving close to 390 boys and girls with the help of over 150 community coaches, referees and church volunteers. While teaching the game of basketball and cheerleading, the Upward Basketball ministry exists to promote the discovery of Jesus Christ through the game of basketball.
This season the children practice time devotions include the virtues of RESPECT, GRATITUDE and TRUST. Read More
Jarvis Memorial host over 250 families and their relatives/friends/neighbors throughout Pitt County and beyond. The K-4th graders play at Jarvis and another 50+ families for the older children 4-6th graders play at St. James UMC in a joint league that uses basketball to share Christ message every week. CHECK OUT THE ATTACHED VIDEO by clicking on the image. Read More
Click the image to see Highlight videos from the 2013-2014 Season/ They will surely get your fire burning for the new season. ON-LINE REGISTRATION (September/October) each year and Coach & Referee Applications Form (both available on this web page).
We had some great things for you and your family in 2013-2014! Upward Basketball & Cheerleading returned for it's 4th season in 2014! God loves it and so did you! St. James UMC & Jarvis Memorial UMC join their Upward Basketball & Cheerleading league in Greenville, NC offering both half & full court games. Read More
Jarvis Memorial UMC offers Upward Basketball & Cheerleading for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. We just ended our current basketball season. We had 340 players and about 100 volunteers that took part in our league. We shared the gospel with all of the players at practices and games and with their parents during halftime devotions. We celebrated the season on Upward Awards Night with refreshments and entertainment after 8 weeks of games and practice.
Orange & White Upward Basketball Season #2
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