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This APP is a must-have if you have been approved for a specific role by the Upward League Director. It provides a quick, secure, paperless way to coordinate key responsibilities for both practices, games, etc. Your league director approves an e-mail sent to you from UPWARD SPORTS with a unique invite code for your initial connection to the app, allowing you to:
1) Receive all contact information of your team's players and parents 2) Call, text, and email parents from the app itself 3) Access individual practice plans specifically from the age group you coach 4) Substitute players on game day 5) Assign and track star distribution for game day 6) other roles and responsibilities Read More
The decision to be a coach or referee for Upward Sports is no small matter. You have the opportunity to make a huge, positive difference in the lives of kids in our community. We believe that a great league starts with coaches who understand the Upward mission. Thank you so much for serving as an Upward Basketball Coach. Have a great season! MUST attend training session to PARTICIPATE as coach, assistant coach or referee for both 1st time and past season participants.. Due to the UMC's Safe Sanctuaries initiative, all basketball & Cheerleading coaches, assistant coaches, and referees MUST attend this sessions to be allowed to participate in that capacity. These will include child safety training and your sport specific training. Coach selection is based on attendance at this mandatory training session. Read More
Jarvis upward basketball provides an excellent learning experience for basketball beginners and a safe and fun environment for kids to participate without the pressures of winning. Upward is a Christian league where players will not only learn basketball, they will have the opportunity to learn Bible verses weekly during practice. Read More
Each year, young athletes in Upward Sports Leagues are excited to receive new uniforms. We know that parents, coaches, and league directors love them too, because every year, one of our most frequently asked questions is "What are my uniform colors?" Well here they are for your 2017-2018 Upward Basketball and Cheerleading League in Greenville, NC. Read More
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