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Basketball Training Guide 2020
Basketball Coach Training Guide 2019-2020
40 Pages. Distributed during Coaches Training Session

Practice Focus

1. Make every player a welcomed and appreciated part of the team. 

2. Teach fundamentals through drills

3. Share biblical life lesson at each Upward practice.

Practice Breakdown

1. Pre-Practice Huddle (3-5 minutes) – Cover specific basketball rules and the basics of basketball. Teach and review proper techniques for each skill needed for practice drills.

2. Warm-up Activity (3-5 minutes) – Provide players the opportunity to practice individually and slowly warm up their muscles.

3. Practice skills through drills (20 minutes) – Use drills that reinforce skill development. Focus on only one to two skills per practice.

4. Mid-practice huddle (five to seven minutes) – Share the practice-specific devotion for each week.

5. Scrimmage or games that teach (20 minutes) – Guide players in using the skills they are learning through scrimmaging.

6. Post-practice huddle (five minutes) – Distribute practice cards and make any necessary announcements. After practice is a great time to engage in conversation with parents.

Last Published: September 6, 2019 12:17 AM
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