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PARENT GUIDES for Players/Cheerleaders

Game Day Parent Guide 

This guide will help you know what to expect on Upward Game Days!

— Jarvis Memorial UMC is located at 510 S Washington St, Greenville, NC, if that is your game site!

— St.James UMC is located at 2000  E 6th St Greenville, NC, if that is your game site!

— Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your game. When you arrive, look for your coach and teammates!

— During the game you may notice coaches using phones and iPads. They are using the Upward Game Day App which helps them manage the game!

— For our players, we use a Substitution System to make sure each player plays at least half of every game!  Cheerleaders cheer for two games simultaneously (Jarvis only).

— At halftime players/cheerleaders leave the floor to go huddle with their coaches. Fans in the stands will enjoy a special Upward Halftime Activity designed to entertain and inspire!  Please give your attention to the leader. 

— During the game please refrain from criticizing or yelling at our referees. This initiates a Circle of Criticism that has a negative effect on everyone and changes the atmosphere in our gyms.

— After the game please join your team and your coach for a post game huddle that will include the Star Presentation Ceremony!  The stars should be ironed on your Upward T-shirt.  Team Parents usually switch off bringing appropriate snacks at this time.



Cheerleaders are an important part of our Upward league!  (Most of us do better with a little encouragement!)  Like our basketball players, cheerleaders practice once a week.  They also receive Practice and Game Day Stars (see above).  Cheerleaders attach the stars to their mega-phones.  We typically have five or six cheer squads, depending on the number and the age of  the girls who sign up.  We try to set up the Cheerleader Game Day schedule so each of our teams has cheerleaders at least once over the course of the season.

Last Published: September 5, 2019 11:47 PM
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