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Cheer Coach Training Guide 19-20
Cheerleading Coach Training Guide 2019-2020
32 Pages. (Distributed during Coach Training Mtg.)
Practice Breakdown
1.  Welcome and games (5 minutes): Start your practice with a fun game to welcome all cheerleaders and get them excited.
2.  Warm up and stretch (10 minutes): Warm up and stretch muscles by using the unique warm-up chart found in the coach cheerbook and Coach Sidelines.
3.  Fundamentals (10 minutes): Review learned skills and teach new ones each week.
4.  Mid-practice huddle - Devotions (8 minutes): Share the practice-specific devotion for each week.
5.  New material (20 minutes): Introduce new cheers, chants, pom routines or halftime routines.
6.  Post-practice huddle (5 minutes): Distribute practice stars and practice cards. Make any necessary announcements.
Last Published: September 6, 2019 12:16 AM
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